Why It’s Okay Not to Complete Every Side Project

Beginning a new project is always an exciting challenge, yet bringing it to completion is an entirely different beast.

How often have you been struck by a brilliant idea, impulsively purchased a domain name, and embarked on a project from scratch, only to find your enthusiasm waning within a few days? You’re not alone. Like many, I too am brimming with ideas, but more often than not, I leave them unfinished, my attention already captured by the next ‘big thing’.

But is this a problem? I believe not.

This cycle is a valuable process of learning and exploration. It’s an opportunity to delve into new technologies, to experiment, and, most importantly, to enjoy oneself.

Life is short, and fretting over unfinished projects seems hardly worth the worry. This isn’t to say that completing projects isn’t important, but rather, if you find yourself leaving projects incomplete, don’t be too hard on yourself.